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Crystal devices are called the "salt of industry" for their important role, since they are essential in various fields: not just electronics but also office automation, home electronics and automobiles. There are two kinds of crystal units. One is low frequency crystal unit used in watches, and the other is high frequency crystal unit used in computers, communications and information equipments and home electronics. These devices known as “quartz”, derive the frequency that is the basis of the motion timing in various equipment by applying their extremely regular oscillation. High-precision processing technology is required throughout the entire manufacturing process.
Citizen Finedevice fulfills expectations of a broad range of industries as one of the leading companies in the crystal device field.

Quartz Crystal / Oscillator

Quartz Crystal / Oscillator


Crystal devices are essential for manufacturing products in various fields, not just watches but also office automation, home electronics and automobiles too. Our ultracompact and wafer-thin products are used in smartphones, cell phones, PCs and tablet terminals, and support our daily lives.

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