Optical Communication Device Components

High level of molding technology Variation Reliability

Wide range of variations that meet various needs

By providing products with a wide range of variations, we support the various needs of optical communication, which has rapidly increased. Our Optical Communication Components such as split sleeve, inner (precision) sleeve and conversion split sleeve developed by our unique ceramic molding technology and precise polishing technology, have been highly evaluated in the world. Also, our technologies are offered to meet customer's request, for example, developing ferrule and capillary with translucency.

Optical Communication Device Components
  • Reduction of optical link loss by high precision processing
  • Superior in abrasion resistance
  • Superior in non-dust creation
  • Superior in retention stability
  • Superior in aging stability that keeps its early performance for long period of time.


The products are used for adapters and connectors that are used for optical communication and applications. They vary from familiar infrastructure such as in home and main line or relay station of mobile phones to optical fibers that connect the world in the sea bed, supporting our life all over the world.


Split sleeves SC sleeves
MU sleeves
LC sleeves
Solid sleeves

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