TRI-METRON [1S Series]

1S-100LP / 1S-010LP / 1S-100 / 1S-010 / 1S-010FIS

1S-100LP / 1S-100
1S-010 / 1S-010FIS
  • Smaller size :
    Because of the small size, the indicator can be installed in narrower space
  • Durability :
    Ball sliding adopted for the spindle action enhances the durability
  • Environment resistance :
    Resistance against dust and drips is improved. The signal indicator can be used reliably at sites of processing and assembling
  • The LP type incorporates ?NG/OK/+NG judgment lamps. You can check at a glance whether items pass or fail, even from a distance.

Animation showing how to use

Animation showing an example of measurement with TRI-METRON