Achieving high precision cutting technology with stable angle and thinness.

Cutting (Wire saw, Dicing saw)

Thin-film Technology

To carve out wafer from rude ore of crystal with appropriate angle and thinness, wire-saw cutting technology is adopted. This is a cutting technology where fluid with abrasive grain is supplied between a material and a thin line wire that reciprocates at high speed. A narrow diameter of the wire that is 0.1~0.2mm, enables to realize high productivity and efficiency even with small shaving margin.

Fundamental technology

  • Machining conditions (Cutting speed wire supply, etc.)
  • Free abrasive fluid conditions (type of cutting fluid use abrasive count, etc.)
  • Terms used wire (wire diameter tension, etc.)

Facilities in our factory

Dicing cutter Wire cutter

Products utilizing this technology

For more details

Please refer to the below PDF file for practical examples.

Technology: Cut (PDF file:314KB)