Lapping / Polishing

Responding to highly precise frequency adjustment and shape processing.

Lapping / Polishing (Wafers of brittle material)


We are able to stably supply ultra-thin, high precision double sided lapping and polishing brittle wafers, focusing on crystal. In lapping process, the both sides of a wafer are polished simultaneously between upper and lower surface plates. It realizes high removal efficiency and processing accuracy. In polishing process, abrasive cloths are attached on surfaces of upper and lower surface plates and polish the both sides of the wafer simultaneously with finer abrasive grain to finish up to an extremely smooth mirror surface.

Fundamental technology

  • Double sided lapping & polishing of thin brittle materials
  • High precision process (reducing thickness variability)

Facilities in our factory

Double sided lapping / polishing Single sided lapping / polishing

Products utilizing this technology

For more details

For details of the accuracy, characteristics, and examples of the implementations of the cutting, turning and polishing technologies, please refer to the following PDF file.

Technology: Lapping / Polishing (PDF形式:314KB)