Photonics Device

Product Features

Our photonics devices are switching wave plates utilizing the uniquely fast response of our proprietary FLC (ferroelectric liquid crystal) materials.

Applied voltage switches the optic axis into one of two states: one where the outgoing light is rotated and the other where the outgoing light is not rotated.

When combined with linear polarizers our photonic devices can be used as high speed shutters.

Export Restrictions

Our Photonics Device products are export-controlled in Japan.
We are unable to sell our photonics products to any restricted entity or country. If outside Japan please contact us about availability of export to your specific country.

Product Specification

Parameter Typical Value (at 21 deg C)
Open Shutter Transmission 25 ~ 30%
Closed Shutter Transmission < 0.05%
Contrast Ratio > 500 : 1
One state transition time (0-10%) < 100 μsec
Optical Rise(10-90%)/Fall(90-10%) time < 100 μsec /< 100 μsec
Wavelength Range & Tolerance Tolerance from target ±50nm *Range 400 ~ 700nm
Drive Voltage ±5V DC (* The voltage changes depending on the product spec.)
Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ +50 ℃
Storage temperature range ' -10 ~ +50 ℃

Housing Size

LV:1/2 wave plate QWP:1/4 wave plate

Model Number Diameter: A
(Aperture Inside Edge)
Diameter: B
(Outside Edge)
Thickness: C
LV(QWP)1300-OEM 12.70mm 25.15mm 4.30mm
LV(QWP)1300P-OEM 12.70mm 25.15mm 6.90mm
LV(QWP)2500-OEM 25.40mm 37.85mm 4.30mm
LV(QWP)2500P-OEM 25.40mm 37.85mm 6.90mm
LV(QWP)4500-OEM 45.00mm 65.00mm 10.00mm
LV(QWP)4500P-OEM 45.00mm 65.00mm 10.00mm