Metal parts Technology

Metal parts

Precision Cutting

Actively seeking better technologies for hard-to-cut materials
Continuously improving machining technology development

Has cultivated precision cutting over many years of watch component machining
Maintaining the high level of precision machining that watch components require
CITIZEN FINEDEVICE's high-precision cutting technologies are impressive even for precision automotive component applications and have acquired broad trust in the industry
CITIZEN FINEDEVICE actively develops improved technologies for hard-to-cut materials and is constantly improving machining technology development

Company Facilities

Automatic lathes: Approximately 681
Secondary machining NC lathes: Approximately 304

Materials to Be Cut and Machining Precision

Material Minimum drilling
diameter (mm)
Size, precision of dimensions (mm)
Min. diameter Max. diameter
BS φ0.1 φ0.3±0.005 φ16±0.005
SUS φ0.2 φ0.9±0.01 φ16±0.02
SK φ0.15 φ0.5±0.005 φ16±0.01
Kovor - - φ3~6±0.03

※These values vary depending on work scale and shape. Aside from the above listed materials, CITIZEN FINEDEVICE also handles SUJ2, SCM, SUM, and other materials. The Company is also aggressively working to effectively manage hard-to-cut materials.

Machining Precision

Item Precision
Surface roughness (Rz: μm) 1.2μm*
Roundness (μm) 1.0μm*

*Surface roughness data above refers to precision after cutting. Further improvements are possible with CITIZEN FINEDEVICE's unique surface treatment technologies.

Precision Pressing

Our advanced technological capabilities are being utilized in the manufacture of watch, automotive, and other components.

Citizen Seimitsu boasts a long history in fine pressing technology, and the Company is putting its advanced technological capabilities to work in the manufacture of components for watches, automobiles, and other products. The Company's pressing operations focus on mass production of small precision components and include drafting, bending, drawing, coining, and cold header processing. Citizen Seimitsu provides a wide array of services from mold production to plating, barreling, heat treatment, and other after-treatment processes to make its component manufacturing services more complete.

Surface Treatment (Planting, Coating)

Used for wide-ranging applications from watch components to automotive components in a fully automoted line.

Automated treatment of ferrous metals/brass/SUS from pre-washing treatment to post-plating drying
The heat treatment/barrelling/plating machine flow is fully coordinated so that production is comprehensive and each operating stage can be carried out extremely quickly.
Metal plating of ferrous metals, brass, and SUS possible Etching of plastic components possible

Heat Treatment

Achievement of high productivity through improvement efforts.

Excellent quality control capabilities earning trust of the automobile industry
Expertise in heat treatment of precision and microcomponents
Achievement of high productivity through improvement efforts
Can handle Isonite treatment, carburizing, soft nitriding, and other treatment processes through outside manufacturing

Company Facilities

Facility Qty.
Automated hardening furnace 6
Automated annealing furnace 3
Batch-hardening furnace 1
Batch-annealing furnace 9
Oven furnace 3
Automated cleaning machine 2
Manual cleaning machine 1
Vickers hardness tester 5
Vacuum furnace 2