Model IPD-SC1RP (Base Unit) IPD-SC1RC (Sub-Unit)
Power supply DC12-24V±10% Ripple (P-P) 10% or less
Power usage 200mA or less (when detector set connected)
Display Polarity and 6 digits, mode, green/red backlight LCD
Resolution 0.1/1/10μm (selectable)
Display range -99.9999∼+99.9999mm
Quantization error ±1digit
Response speed 2000mm/sec. (when 0.5μm resolution detector set used)
Number of detector inputs 1ch
Maximum sets installed 16 sets (1 base unit + 15 sub-unit)
Reset method Reset at any optional point by the front switch,
external signal or RS command.
Preset function 6 digits and polarity
Data hold method Hold of display and data by external signal
Peak measurement +P, -P, P-P, (P-P)/2 (+P: Maximum, -P: Minimum)
Measuring direction +/- (Can be switched depending on the setting)
Error functionality Equipped
Fault detection -NG/OK/+NG
Measurement condition registered Seven items (key, RS command)
Computation functionality +/-/Χ/average
RS-232C Equipped Not equipped
Measurement value storage 2048 data items
Input Reset, storage commands, data hold, peak clear