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Request by representatives including statutory guardian

  1. When a representative appointed by individuals including statutory guardian wish to make requests on behalf of the individuals, the representative is required to submit identity verification document of the representative itself as well as those of the individuals.
    * Please refer the “Identity Verification Document” page for submission.
  2. Representatives making requests are also required to submit the specified documents below to verify and confirm the designation and appointment by the individuals.
When you are statutory guardian ①Copy of extract of family register
②Certificate of registered matters provided by Article 10 of the Act of Guardianship Registration
(Act No. 152 of 1999)Issued within 3 months.
When you are privately appointed representatives/ agent ③Letter of proxy specified in our policy
Copy of Seal registration certificate of the individual person who appoint you as a representative/agent
(※ Must be the certificate of which seal is affixed on the letter of proxy)
click the file to download;Letter of proxy (word file)

Please note the followings;

  1. When the representatives/ agent wish to receive the response upon your requests from us, it is required that the letter of proxy has clear statement as “the individual person delegates its authority to the representatives/ agent to receive the response from us”. If there is no above mentioned statement, the response will be directly sent to the principal.
  2. We will use Request form, identity verification documents and letter of proxy received from representatives, only for the purpose of which to meet the requests. We do not return those documents received, and we will maintain the request form and letter of proxy in a proper manner, and dispose the identity verification documents by appropriate means after we complete the requested procedure.
  3. The costs of Requests including postage fee are at individuals’ expense.
  4. For security and safety reason, we only accept Requests by mail (preferably by registered mail).