Ferroelectric Micro LCDs

Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon Realizes Three Times the Resolution of TFT Displays.

Our microdisplays deliver higher definition and brightness compared to TFT technology through the uniquely fast response time of our proprietary ferroelectric liquid crystal technology.

The exceptionally fast response time of ferroelectric liquid crystal technology enables high fidelity sequential color displays and offers three times the resolution of equivalently sized TFT displays. Our sequential color technology can reproduce all three primary colors with a single pixel compared to the three required by TFT technologies. The impressive resolution advantage makes our displays an ideal solution for advanced viewfinder applications.

Furthermore, our highly integrated Liquid Crystal on Silicon display architecture embeds all the necessary drive circuits into a single-chip solution that minimizes the size and complexity of the customer's product.

Ferroelectric Micro LCDs

Product Features

High definition and realistic image reproduction in a miniature display

Features of FLCOS Display (Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon)

  • ○ Small Form Factor and High Definition
    • LCOS architecture allows our products to deliver extremely high resolution in displays with diagonals as small as 0.24
  • ○ Single Chip
    • Our single chip display solution embeds all necessary drive circuits reducing cost and complexity
  • ○ Fast Response
    • Ferroelectric liquid crystal enables 10 to 100 times the switching speed of TN liquid crystal materials allowing high-fidelity color sequential display free of color breakup

What makes us different from others

  • ○ High definition and realistic image reproduction → Worlds highest resolution(UXGA)*1
  • ○ High brightness → Reflective LCOS enables more efficient use of the light source
  • ○ Fast switching → World's sole supplier of ferroelectric liquid crystal displays *1
  • ○ Full Vertical Integration from Development to Production
    • Full in-house design of display backplane ASIC and custom design and manufacture of FLC materials ensures optimized FLCOS products
    • High volume manufacturing capability and more than a decade of experience delivering high quality FLCOS displays to market

*1. Based on our April, 2015 research. (Small panel : below 0.5 inch diagonal)


Expanding Uses of Microdisplay

We deliver class leading products into the digital still camera and digital camcorder markets. Recent expansion of our information-oriented society supports growth for our products in mobile and wearable devices.

Our fully integrated display solutions facilitate highly miniaturized wearable devices that maximize available information content while allowing users to work hands-free.

Our microdisplay solutions have garnered increasing attention for automotive applications. Our high resolution and unmatched image quality allow our display products to uniquely supplement and enhance conventional vehicle information systems, which leads to improved safety and the driver's overall in-vehicle experience.

  • Digital Still Camera / Digital Camcorder
    強誘電 DSC、強誘電 DVC
  • Heads-Up Display / In-Vehicle Display
    強誘電 ヘッドアップディスプレイ / 車載ディスプレイ
  • Head Mounted Display
    強誘電 HMD
  • Binoculars
    強誘電 Binoculars

FLCOS Lineup

  • EVF Model
    EVF Model *2
  • HMD Model
    HMD Model
  • Projection Model
    Projection Model

*2 EVF : Electronic Viewfinder

Product Lineup/Specification

Under Development
FLCOS / Active area Diagonal Size 0.195" 0.24" 0.24" 0.38" 0.40" 0.50"
Display Resolution 720x540
Active Display Area (mm) 3.96x2.97 5.28x2.97 5.28x2.97 8.45x4.75 8.13x6.09 10.08x7.56
Aspect Ratio 4:3 16:9 16:9 16:9 4:3 4:3
Color Field Rate 360Hz(Typ.) 360Hz(Typ.) 540Hz(Max) 360Hz(Typ.) 540Hz(Max) 540Hz(Max)
Input Signal Level CMOS 1.8~3.3V CMOS 1.8V CMOS 1.8~3.3V CMOS 1.8V
Operating Supply Voltage 1.8V, 3.3V,
IO Power
1.8V, 3.3V, 5.0V, IO Power
Digital Display Interface 16bit Parallel YCrCb(4:2:2) 16bit Parallel YCrCb(4:2:2) RGB(4:4:4) 16bit Parallel YCrCb(4:2:2) RGB(4:4:4) YCbCr 16bit Parallel LVDS
YCbCr(4:2:2) 16bit Parallel YCrCb(4:2:2) RGB(4:4:4) Serial LVDS
No Light Source RGB(4:4:4) MIPI (Under development) No Light Source RGB(4:4:4)
Type  Adjustable Diopter Lens
Illuminator(PBS/LED source)
No Light Source *for Projection/HMD

LCOS Foundry

A world leader in LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) foundry services offering turn-key solutions from prototype to mass production (MP)

Prototype to MP Made-to-Order Unmatched Quality

lcos foundry

【Available Specifications】

Substrate 8 inch Silicon Wafer / Glass
Environment Clean Booth Class: 100 ~ 10,000
Available LC Alignment Systems Organic / Inorganic
Liquid Crystal Types TN / VAN and other modes
Module Assembly Mounting to FPC / PCB

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