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-Disposable type that achieves robustness / high cost performance / flatness-

CITIZEN FINEDEVICE CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, President: Ryuzo Kondo, hereinafter referred to as CFD) will start to make-to-order production a disposable type sample holding plate for bacterial analysis that realizes high functionality and excellent cost performance in November.

This product was manufactured and sold to one bacterial analyzer manufacturers, but now the mass production system has been set up, and full-scale build-to-order manufacturing will be started for domestic and overseas equipment manufacturers.

A sample holding plate for bacterial analysis (hereinafter referred to as a target plate) is a substrate on which a sample (blood, saliva, sweat, urine, etc.) collected from a patient is placed. It is used in specific bacterial analyzers to quickly and accurately identify pathogens.

CFD’s target plate has excellent robustness and flatness. By suppressing sample cross-contamination (contact between adjacent samples), the density of sample mounting spots has been increased. As a result, it is a product with excellent cost performance that suppresses the unit price per spot.

< Main features>

Uses alumina ceramics that meet the requirements of chemical stability, robustness, high cost performance, and flatness

– Does not change the material due to the influence of the environment
– Excellent toughness and hard to break
– Equipped with 96 sample mounting spots, the unit price per spot is suppressed, and it is excellent in cost performance.
– Excellent flatness by polishing ceramics

Functional films such as coloring, conductivity, anchors (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, etc.)

-A colored film is added to the white ceramic substrate so that the sample can be seen easily.
-Several layers of conductive film required for mass spectrometry are arranged
-It is equipped with an anchor function that ensures that the sample enters the spot uniformly and does not spread outside. The function is realized by forming a hydrophilic film that spreads thinly on the surface inside the spot circle where the sample is placed, and a hydrophobic film outside the circle to prevent the sample from spreading.
-Since the hydrophobic film is arranged between the sample spots by the anchor function, there is no risk of contamination of adjacent samples (cross contamination) even if the spot spacing is narrowed. It is now possible to place 96 spots, which is twice the conventional size, on a plate of the same area. As a result, inspection efficiency is dramatically improved and cost performance is also improved.

There are three types of target plates currently in use:
・ Reuse type that requires strong acid cleaning that can be used repeatedly
・ Disposable type with good performance but high price
・ Low price, but disposable type with inferior measurement accuracy

In the medical industry, there was a demand for a disposable type that enables high-precision measurement and is inexpensive, but there is no product that combines them, and the reuse type is currently the mainstream.

CFD’s products have excellent robustness and flatness by applying ceramics technology and thin film technology, which are the technologies owned by CFD.
It is possible to make to order for customized products that suit each customer’s bacterial analyzer.
CFD aim to contribute to medical care by expanding the market for target plates with excellent high performance and cost performance.

1. SUBMOUNT products
Applying various film formation technologies to optical thin films and thin film metallizing on substrates such as ceramics with high thermal conductivity
2. Cell culture plate / blood analysis plate
A hydrophilic film / hydrophobic film and an anchor function that combines both are realized, and wettability and optical characteristics can be freely controlled.
3. Cell counting sensor
Microfluidics structure that separates and extracts only specific cells

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