CFD has manufactured and sold LCOS microdisplays for many years. Based on the technology cultivated there, we are developing various microdisplay-related businesses, such as contract manufacturing of microdisplay modules, manufacturing and sales of liquid crystal optical devices, and manufacturing and sales of our proprietary Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals.

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Microdisplay Foundry Service

We provide contract manufacturing services for microdisplays, assembling silicon substrates and other materials provided by customers into complete modules. We have enough facilities and production capacity for a large volume mass production, and can correspond various types of microdisplay modules with the technology and high quality that we have cultivated over many years of manufacturing LCOS products. On a customer's request, we can provide development support for PCB and FPC design, also supply illuminator modules and lens modules that are used in combination with microdisplays.


Liquid Crystal Optical Device

As liquid crystal optical devices using ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC), we offer two types of active wave plates (Half Wave Plate, Quarter Wave Plate) and shutters. The greatest feature of our liquid crystal optical device is its high-speed response, realizing a switching speed of 100 μs level at room temperature in both turn on and turn off switching. This is 10 to 100 times faster than liquid crystal optical devices using normal nematic liquid crystals. We provide devices that cover visible light wavelength range, and a near-infrared wavelength range. We can customize the external dimensions and glass thickness according to a customer's request.


Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal

The key material, Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC), is developed and manufactured at MIYOTA DEVELOPMENT CENTER OF AMERICA INC., a subsidiary in Colorado, USA. FLC has the special characteristics of very fast response speed and very little crosstalk between adjacent pixels. Taking advantage of these characteristics, it can be applied to various applications such as ultra-fine pixel microdisplays with a pixel pitch of 3 μm or less, spatial light modulation modules, and high-speed response liquid crystal shutters. We are engaged in contract production and joint development of customer products using FLC, as well as sales of FLC itself. For customers who wish to create a new FLC-LCOS module, we also provide IP licensing and design consulting services for supporting silicon backplane design.

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