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The “precision turning” and “high-accuracy turning” technologies that we built up through many years of machining watch components have also proved themselves in precision automotive component applications, acquiring broad trust in the industry.Citizen Finedvice actively develops improved technologies for hard-to-cut materials and is constantly improving machining technology development.

  • Automatic lathes
  • Secondary machining NC lathes
Detail of Precision turned parts


We handle, by grinding, high-precision outer diameter finishing that is not achievable by turning.We have equipment that can deal with both through-feed grinding and in-feed grinding.We cope flexibly with complex machining shapes through strong tie-ups with the equipment manufacturers.We also achieve high accuracy by applying the single-sided and double-sided lapping technology built up through the processing of crystal blanks, thin film magnetic heads and optical glass, to ceramic materials.

  • 【Company facilities】
  • Grinder
  • Grinder
  • Cylindrical grinding machine
  • Surface grinding machine
  • Centerless processing machine
Detail of Precision turned parts Details of ceramics

Plastic press processing

Citizen Finedevice boasts a long history in plastic press processing technology, and the company is putting its advanced technological capabilities to work in the manufacture of precision automotive components and other products.Our pressing operations focus on mass production of compact precision components and include punching, bending, drawing and coining.

  • 【Company facilities】
  • Progressive press
  • Servo press
  • Coining ・ Total punching press I
  • Transfer press
  • Part former
  • 【Measuring instrument】
  • Tool microscope
  • Circularity measuring instrument
  • Roughness, contour measuring instrument
  • Projector
Detail of Precision turned parts

Electric Discharge Machining

We machine lateral holes including irregularly shaped holes without generating burrs by using piercing processing that applies EDM technology on equipment made in-house.

  • 【Company facilities】
  • Manual electric discharge machines
  • Automatic electric discharge machines
Detail of Precision turned parts

Cutting off

The diameter of the wire used in wire saw cutting technology is extremely thin at 0.1 to 0.2 mm, so the cutting allowance is small, enabling high productivity and increased efficiency.Dicing saw cutting technology is used as a method for cutting chips from brittle wafers, and it supports mass production where curve widths of 100 μm and lower, high-accuracy positioning, and high-speed/high-accuracy dicing are possible.

  • 【Fundamental technology】
  • ‐Machining conditions
    (Cutting speed, wire supply, etc.)
  • ‐Free abrasive fluid conditions
    (grain size of abrasive used / type of cutting fluid, etc.)
  • ‐Conditions of wire used
    (wire diameter, tension, etc.)
  • 【Company Facilities】
  • ‐Dicing cutter
  • ‐Wire cutter
  • -Slicing machine
Detail of crystal Detail of Thin-film Submount

Lapping and Polishing

We are able to process ultra-thin wafers of brittle materials to high accuracy, with the focus on crystal and ceramics, and supply them reliably.


Both sides of a wafer are polished simultaneously between upper and lower surface plates, realizing high removal efficiency and processing accuracy.


Both sides of the wafer are polished simultaneously with a finer abrasive grain, with abrasive cloths attached to the surfaces of upper and lower surface plates, to finish to an extremely smooth mirror surface.

  • 【Fundamental technology】
  • Double sided lapping and polishing of thin materials
  • High precision process (reducing thickness variability)
  • 【Company Facilities】
  • Double sided lapping / polishing
  • Single sided lapping / polishing
Detail of crystal Detail of Thin-film Submount
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