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Speeding up Internal Combustion Engines

These are piezoelectric in-Combustion pressure sensors capable of measuring high-speed pressure changes from the low-temperature range at -40℃ to the high-temperature range at 350℃. Based on the precision machining and precision assembly technology that we built up while manufacturing watch components, we have succeeded in installing these sensors in general vehicle engines with high quality and high reliability.
To achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, there is demand for clean combustion using alternative fuels such as hydrogen and e-fuels in tandem with the transition to electric power, and we are taking all internal combustion engines to the next level with Combustion Pressure Sensor products that have a track record of installation in mass-produced vehicles.

Product Features

On-boardInstallation in mass-produced vehicles

Robust, Highly reliable, High-performance

Installed in Mazda Motor Corporation’s SKYACTIV-X engines
Installed in all cylinders for the first time in the world, they are one of the key elements supporting SPCCI, a pioneering technology in the ultimate combustion (HCCI) field.

MeasurementR&D support applications

High precision, High durability, Long life

Stable measurement even in extreme environments in fields including motor sports, motorcycles, ships and cogeneration.
Contributing to the development of various engines, and understanding combustion statuses.


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