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CITIZEN FINEDEVICE will work to develop our team members and to create valuable products
through creative design and manufacturing activities
that deliver a prosperous future.

CITIZEN FINEDEVICE is a new company with a tradition that came into existence through two mergers of three companies with over 50 years of history: Citizen Miyota Co., Ltd., Citizen Finetech Co., Ltd., and Citizen Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

CITIZEN FINEDEVICE is engaged in the manufacture and sales of precisel metal machined components for automobiles, quartz oscillators and related components, ceramic components, ferroelectric liquid crystal display devices, combustion pressure sensors, measuring devices and motors, and develops products in a diverse range of business areas. What supports these products is our unique core technologies that we have built up over the years: precise metal part machining technology, thin-film technology, brittle material machining technology, assembly technology and sealing technology. In addition, we use manufacturing equipment developed in house in order to maintain our uniqueness.

The company is characterized by this diversity of business areas and technologies, and we are confident that making a real strength of this diversity and its fusion will build an advantage over the competitors and lead to further growth in the future.

The business environment in which we and our customers find ourselves is changing at a pace that we have never experienced before. In order to support the creation and growth of new value for our customers with our products, we will pursue relentless evolution with a sense of speed.

While being a customer-oriented company, we aim to make use well-experienced of people with a wealth of experience, who are the greatest asset of CITIZEN FINEDEVICE.

Citizen Finedevice Co., Ltd.

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