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Download Procedure

  1. Select, from the filename column in the table, the file to be downloaded.
  2. Select the save destination and save the file. A self-extracting file (“exe” format) will be downloaded.
  3. In Windows Explorer, double-click the downloaded file to start extraction. A folder containing a number of drawing files (“dxf” format) will be generated.
File name information note
ELEMETRON [668KB] Storing file
DTH-P** [Detectors]
DTH-P16AL [Detectors]
DTH-L** [Detectors]
DTH-L**U [Detectors]
DTH-P**S [Detectors]
DTH-P**SH [Detectors]
DTH-P50L [Detectors]
DTH-P70W [Detectors]
EH-P**S [Detectors]
DTM-FA [Amplifiers]
DTM-CB [Amplifiers]
DTM-CA [Amplifiers]
DTM-CD [Amplifiers]
DTM-MD4 [Amplifiers]
DTM-ED [Amplifiers]
DTM-EA [Amplifiers]
EM-SA1R* [Amplifiers]
TRI-METRON [231KB] Storing file
1S-010LP [Detectors]
1S-100 [Detectors]
2S-200 [Detectors]
2B-5 [Detectors]
2BF-3 [Detectors]
4B-5 [Detectors]
CLS-1L [Detectors]
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