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A variety of detectors in response to all
measuring conditions.Very suitable for measurement requiring reading in 0.1 μm, measurement requiring a low
measuring force, etc.Standard plunger type.Air lift type useful for automation available. (DTH-P16AL)

DTH-L□□ / DTH-L□□U

Light measuring force useful for workpieces susceptible to damage or deformation achieved.

Classification of models

Measuring force table [Lever type]

02 08 15
DTH-L□□ 0.0196N 0.0785N 0.147N
DTH-L□□U 0.0196N 0.0785N 0.147N

Measuring force table [Plunger type]

16 20 40 50 70
DTH-P□□ 0.196N 0.392N 0.686N
DTH-P□□A 0.196N 0.392N 0.686N
DTH-P□□AL 0.157N
DTH-P□□S 0.196N 0.392N 0.686N
DTH-P□□SH 0.196N 0.392N 0.686N
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