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Equipped with advanced features and connectable to dual display controllersUp to 15 master units can be connected to one master unit, allowing for easy multi-point calculation. Its ultra-compact body has guide tabs for DIN rails, allowing for easy connection with other controllers in production and inspection lines.

The dual digital display covers a wide range of uses
SA-SD/high contrast LCD

Easy-to-read VA high contrast LCD



Comes with a 49 mm square controller specially designed for the SA Series and equipped with a two-color display that enables easy recognition of pass/fail judgment resultsHigh usability with a 7-level sorting function

Easy to recognize a tolerance judgment result

Depending on the setting value, the backlight changes to green (OK) or red (NG), making it easy to recognize a judgment result even from a distance.

Three types of output terminals availabl

For interface (European type)
For BCD output
For RS232C
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