Optical probe Electric Current Sensor
Toward a New World of Measuring Currents with light

1Electromagnetic noise and insertion impedance "zero
2Wide bandwidth current measurement from DC to 200MHz
3No frequency derating required
4Ultra-small sensor head = narrow space/in-situ current measurement

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Optical probe Electric Current Sensor

OpECS" is a new optical probe current sensor that enables "nondestructive current waveform measurement" using light.
This innovative current sensor solves all current measurement problems such as "insertion impedance," "frequency derating,"
and "superimposition of electromagnetic noise" by using a new measurement method that uses light as a probe.
Current waveform measurement can be performed by bringing the object into close proximity or contact with it,
without the need to clamp the measurement object as with existing current waveform measurement sensors
(current transformers, current probes, Rogowski coils)
In addition, a φ0.45 mm sensor head is placed at the end of a flexible optical fiber,
enabling current waveform measurement in narrow spaces that were impossible to measure with
conventional current waveform measurement sensors.

Conventional electricity measurement

Voltage measurement

Measurement is possible by probing the point to be measured on the circuit board

Current measurement

Measure by circling the current line to be measured with the sensor.
Or, insert the sensor in the middle of the current line and measure.

Clamp type current sensor
(Hall element type)
Rogowski coil

Features and Strengths of Current Measurement with OpECS

・Ultra-small sensor head
・Can be measured without lapsing into the current line
・Both AC and DC measurements are possible
・Relative sensor
(measured value depends on the distance between the wire and the sensor)

Advantages of Optical Measurement

・No superimposed electromagnetic noise
・High safety due to electrical insulation
・There is no insertion impedance
・No frequency derating required

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