Installation in mass-produced vehicles

『Delivering quality that allows installation in general vehicles with peace of mind』

・Our Combustion Pressure Sensor products are designed and mass-produced with exceptional robustness in accordance with quality engineering. ・They also comfortably pass the rigorous and demanding testing required to allow in-vehicle installation. ・We have achieved an integrated production system from material procurement through to machining and assembly, and a quality assurance system.

Provided by Mazda Motor Corporation

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The sensors are used for control of SPCCI combustion in Mazda Motor Corporation’s SKYACTIV-X engines, and to help improve fuel economy and torque, and reduce CO2 emissions.

We are also engaged in sales of Sensor products that have been successfully installed in actual vehicles.
  For details, see here:【Mass-produced Vehicle Applications】

Provided by Mazda Motor Corporation
Provided by Mazda Motor Corporation

We run actual vs. predicted value verification and transient verification from the design stage using quality engineering and CAE, with disturbance effects taken into account.
We have also established and implemented very robust conditions for mass production.

In addition to the combustion pressure applications, we can also help you with the design of various prototypes based on the know-how accumulated during adaptation for in-vehicle use.
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Unique Durability Test

We have designed and developed our own test equipment that repeats a pressure amplitude of 0 to 35 MPa at high speed, have performed verifications by amplitude in the order of gigacycles through actual durability tests, and are continuing periodic checks through reliability tests and other means.

Provided by Mazda Motor Corporation
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