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Frequently asked questions

What are the strengths of CFD?

Our strength is that we can make optimal proposals from the area of process prototyping and development,
and carry out integrated production from wafer processing to mounting and packaging.

Is there a product catalog?

Yes, please contact us through the consultation bar first.

How to get a quote?

Please contact us through the consultation bar.Drawings, specifications, etc. will help to get quotations smoothly.

Is it free of charge if you offer the quotation?

It is free basically. Welcome to consult.

What are the transaction terms?

Thank you very much for your interest in the transaction. The transaction terms will be explained in detail by the business department. Please contact us first.

Can you make delivery overseas?

We provide overseas delivery service. We have overseas manufacturing bases. Products can be manufactured in the nearest factory and delivered directly to the designated place to shorten the delivery term.

Are services provided to customers in a faraway place?

We provide services for customers in a faraway place. We will offer you a quotation including transportation expenses. Please consider it. In addition, the transportation cost quotation can be provided separately.

Do you provide any suggestions on how to reduce costs?

Please let us know if you have any expected price when quoting. We will make efforts from different aspects to offer advice on cost reduction.

Can we commission businesses rejected by other companies?

We will try our best to meet the challenge. For businesses with manufacturing difficulties at present, we will discuss with customers on how to manufacture.
Please let us know the details first.

Do you accept small batch orders?

As low as 1. We will meet your requirements flexibly. Please consult us first.

Please inform us of the production quantity.

Basically, we produce the products according to the quantity required by customers. We will consult customers in terms of their desired quantity when undertaking the commissions, and on such basis, make adjustments to the equipment. In case of a large batch, we will make adjustments to the production according to your requirements if you can inform us of your future plan.

Please inform us of the solutions for environmental problems.

CITIZEN FINEDEVICE CO.,LTD. pays close attention to 
the relationship between products and society as well as 
the earth environment, focuses on environment-friendly 
products, promotes greenhouse effect measures and
reduces waste and harmful chemicals

Can secrets such as the commissioned content be kept confidential?

Please rest assured. All customer information will be treated as confidential from the consultation stage. Depending on the negotiation, a confidentiality agreement may also be signed.

Is it possible to visit your factory?

Certainly. Basically, a visit is allowed based on the transaction. Please consult us for details.

Where do you manufacture the products?

We manufacture in factories in China, Philippines and Japan. On the basis of considering the processing items, production volume, delivery places and the field of expertise of each factory, we can spread risks for production, so as to provide large-scale production.

Please let us know the approximate development period.

Depending on the products, it usually takes 1 ~ 2 months. As we also carry out various tests and performance data verification, it may take a long time. Please understand.

Where does the service area cover?

We provide services to all regions and areas of the country.

What is the initial production quantity of each production batch?

From one to hundreds of thousands.

What is the processing size?

~ 6 inches.

What are the shapes that you can process into?

Microchannel, well, column and anchor.

What are the specific functions of functional films?

It is available for processing of water repellent and hydrophilic functional films.

What materials can have additional anchoring functions?

We process the materials according to customer requirements and specifications.

What is the maximum processing depth of microfluidic chips?

We process the materials according to customer requirements and specifications.

What materials are available for laser processing?

We process the materials according to customer requirements and specifications.

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